10 tips to find the perfect wedding photographer

10 Tips to find the perfect Wedding photographer

1. Research the market making a long list of 7-10 photographers you like having visited their wedsites  the after calling them you should whittle it down to 3 you should meet , what I write  below should help you make the right choice , good luck!

2 .Your requirements  – Planning is vital , if you have a clear  vision of what you want  from the day and what your budget is the you can guide your photographer . Don’t be bullied into spending more than you can afford, if they can’t work within your budget move on.

3 . Look for experience you want someone who arrives at your wedding is confident, calm and polite . This can only come from a number years experience ask the photographer why they like shooting weddings , what was the worst thing that happened to them and how they over came it ! This should give you an insight into how they work .

4. Rapport is very important , for both parties , go with your gut . This is one of the greatest days of your life you don’t want it to be effect by the wrong  personality  being involved  if the annoy you at the meeting that will mostly be magnified on the day. They will not achieve moments of fun and lightness that capture the true emotion of your day.

5. Look for testimonials there should be plenty on a site , but ask for at least 2 and ring one to her how the day went and how good the results were . There is no excuse not to offer a testimonial .

6. Style find a photographer  whose style matches what you want  from the day , be true to yourselves do what you want . Any photographer worth their  salt should be flexible and happy to fulfil your needs.

7. The package on offer. Be very clear what is on offer make sure there is nothing hidden from what you believe your paying. Such as vat , the number of images you are expecting ,the number of hours they will  attend , their flexibility if things run late  and when the results will be delivered. This should all be put in writing so both parties are clear .

8 . Check they have liability insurance and what happen in the unlikely event that they are ill who is their back up and how will you be compensated .

9 . What happens after the wedding . how long should you wait for the results , how are       they edited , what level  of post production occurs  and how are they presented  both on line and physically

10. Sleep on your decision don’t be pressurised . Make the decision when you are ready .

Have a great day !

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